Frequently Asked Questions


Is WWA for me?

Our training is not for you if you want to get rich without
any effort, if you want to live in mediocrity, if you are conformist,
or if you expect results to come by themselves.
However, if you want to become a successful trader step by
step, from the most fundamental to the most complex, this is the
place for you.

Are the classes in person or online?

All our academic training is online

Can our courses be combined with a 5-8 hour job?

In principle, there would be no problem. BUT, it is true
that we always say that trading is a profession like any other
career. So it would be convenient that you dedicate a time in
which you really feel comfortable to learn and that you really see
an evolution in your trades.

Is The Course Available In My Country?

YES! because WWA is 100% online. You can access
our training from anywhere in the world where you can connect
to the Internet.

How do I know which course is right for me?

You can fill out our form and we will contact you to assess your situation.